FunctFit Gym: A change of Lifestyle.

Functional Fitness gym-Ballycastle.

When we open our doors,you will see that Functfit is about more than fitness. We are about personal development,about testing and pushing to achieve your best, preparing you for a long functionally active life.   Coach E

Nobody builds strength overnight. You can’t order strength from Amazon. No drone is going to fly it in. And you won’t find it scrolling through Facebook. 

You earn strength day by day, workout by workout, choice by choice.

Functfit Box, a functional fitness gym incorporating elements of strength & conditioning,metabolic conditioning (met cons),movement drills and core fitness.We opened January 2011 and are based at Causeway Enterprise Agency in Ballycastle on the north Antrim coast of Ireland,we welcome people of all ages and abilities.We offer Group coaching to a broad range of mixed ability members who have chosen to make a change in their life. We will work with you at each workout to help you ‘be better at life’-fitter,stronger,healthier and leaner.


Functfit Gym, is a strength and conditioning facility focused on the development of individuals through the effective use of functional movements.  Our goal is to help our athletes to become stronger, leaner, faster, more coordinated, and ultimately healthier.  We do so by combining gymnastics (body control movements) weightlifting (controlling external objects) cardiovascular training in as many variations as possible.  With coaching and proper programming of varied and quality functional movements, every workout can be scaled and adapted to anyone, regardless of fitness level or athletic background.
20151231_103646Unlike the usual gym, we don’t do treadmills or weighted machines, we run outside we train you how to use, barbells, kettle bells, body weight exercises and in doing so, we hope to build your strength,stamina, posture, mobility and general muscletone.

easy no worth it yes

Unrivalled by many other ‘gyms’, the spirit and togetherness you will experience here will enable you to focus on getting the results you have been seeking.

Do you enjoy a Challenge:

TrainerFinder.002We take pride in our members results, and even though it might sound too good to be true, our results are all positive. “come and try our workouts, feel the camaraderie and look around our members, see how they have changed/improved”. Find out more…