Testimonials from The Box Community

September 2015:

Quote from fellow Mum at school gate : ” you’ve lost a lot of weight. Your arms look really toned. You’re looking great!”.

I’m not doing this for other people but it is definitely nice to hear. You may have some new joiners as I told them about Functfit. 😉 Anon.

August 2015:

‘each workout includes strength training,met-cons and flexibility.
the coaches there keep you right and help you get there.
“It’s different every day, we do different workouts so you don’t get bored,”

new to Functfit

May 2015:

 Terruy mud bike  Unreal the difference this past few weeks training at Functfit has made to my mountain bike racing. 22k Enduro this weekend with 6 timed stages, I felt as strong starting the last stage as I did at the 1st,  my results in the latter stages were better than the early ones, I put this down to increased fitness and quicker recovery, everything that we’ve been training for 🙂 Terry.  Thanks 

October 2014 

Status Update
By Paul Cullen
Some people constantly complain that they don’t make any progress, they can’t lose weight, they can’t get any stronger, faster or fitter…here’s some harsh reality from the performance lab of Paul goes primal….You aren’t working fucking hard or smart enough!I go through plateaus everyone does, but on reflection most, (not all), of those are caused by complete and utter lack of discipline and hard work.
Getting stronger, faster, lighter, fitter is hard fucking work it doesn’t happen in a 6 minute ab class or Zumba, it happens when you stop eating shit and start putting the hours in. The main reason for lack of progress in my humble opinion is a lack of honesty, a lack of will power, a lack of discipline and a lack of work ethic.So far I have been training for 20 months, I’m so close to that elusive 100lb weight loss figure I can almost taste it, with focus, drive and the above attributes I could have hit that figure 6 months ago, but like everything else, building those personal qualities takes time and hard work.

Losing 10 stone in 20 seconds like those on the biggest loser is bullshit, unsafe and to be honest pointless as it won’t lead towards a lifetime of health and strength, it is the result of unsafe crash dieting and starvation and the subsequent damage that can do to your body does not bear thinking about, rapid weight gains afterwards and no structure whatsoever on strength and conditioning is NOT the key to success.

Drinking those bullshit weight loss shakes…same crap, I don’t care how “scientific” they appear to be, they are dangerous chemical shit storms full of peoples hopes and sheer distress, sold to to the desperate by hoods in multi level marketing companies, check the ingredients, sugar will be in there in one shape form or manner under one of it’s names…here’s a pearl of wisdom, want to lose weight? Stop ingesting things with processed sugar in it!

Knuckle down, take responsibility, eat clean, eat your greens, drink water and embark on a proper strength and conditioning program, which will pave the way for a lifetime of strength, fitness and health

Oh yeah dry your eyes, this ain’t easy, suck it up princess and do some fucking hard work, in the kitchen and the gym!

While you were being comfortable in your bed this morning I was out in the dark and the rain and wind yomping through a forest with a 20kg weights vest on, 4km knocked in with the equivalent of a 44lb pack on my back, before most peoples alarm clock went off.

Get some inspiration, get some motivation, get an amazing coach, find an amazing training facility, make the decision to be better, to be stronger both physically and mentally, to be free of the shackles that hold you back, I BELIEVE in YOU! only you can make the decision to change but let me promise you, once you do you will see life as it is truly meant to be, YOU GOT THIS!

If anyone reading this is over weight and wants to lose weight, learn how to cook, learn how to shop for healthy and affordable food, or go
to the gym or start training, hit me up and I’ll hold your hand to get you started, and try my best to guide you in the right direction, (this country has a number of honest and highly educated strength and conditioning coaches who actually walk the walk and can genuinely help you), to take those fear filled first steps alongside you, to do the hardest part of It all…. to get started…I’ve been there, I know how hard it is, if there is anything I can do to help you in your own journey to lose weight, be stronger and be generally more awesome than you are today…drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do to help you and point you in the right direction of those who can help!

December 2013- February 2014: a life changing 3mths.

For years I have been a runner/walker, early mornings, late evenings and a bit extra at the weekend. and I was never able to shift the ‘belly’. A friend told me about the gym round in Leyland units. It took me a while but I eventually came to Functfit classes just before the new year arrived ,unsure what I would actually be able to do.

I had a stiff shoulder and ‘iffy knees’ from running days of old, but Eamann the Coach reassured me that repairing damaged joints was a side line effect from functional fitness workouts. I knew a couple of people who had been to this gym but had drifted off so arrived to my first workout ,apprehensive and nervous.

Within the first 10 mins of arrival,other members and the Coach were supporting and encouraging me …try this, put your foot there ,move like this……really friendly and by the time the workout was explained I was already believing I had made a good decision.

The ‘pain ‘of the next few days was made easier by this friendliness of the other members and support they offered as they repeated ‘ this was what I did to ease it, and it will go’

I can only get twice a week at the moment but wish I was here every day,the fun,the daily challenge and the social aspect of new friends …come April, I will have all my course work done and will get at least three workouts per week…..roll on May.

a Newbie to Functfit.


Jessica Latto a Functfit Reflection.

 This year my weight has went up, down continuously. So in the Summer I started going to the local gym  but was getting no where so joined my local Cross fit gym and it has changed my life. After just a few sessions, I felt myself getting fitter and having more energy to do everyday tasks.
This gym, hasn’t just improved my fitness levels but it has given me the confidence that I have been needing for years. Before I was scared to do things, but now I will happily try new things. One thing that makes the gym different to an ordinary gym, is the community aspect to it. Everyone is there for each other, and rooting for each other to succeed, whereas in an ordinary gym it is earphones out, world out.I love this gym, because every workout is different and challenging and you feel yourself improving quickly. In five months I have lost over one stone, and one reason for that is the fact that the coach there is so passionate about what he does and he actually cares that you see the results you want. Even when I wasn’t in Ireland he helped me, through checking what I eat, and encouraging me to continue in my journey when I was struggling.So in reflection, this gym has truly changed my life in a good way. My goal for 2014 is to be able to do a box jump, run more and lose another stone.“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson  

Eilish Mc Caw

I have been going to funcfit gym for the past year or more and am enjoying every minute of it.

Every day is different which is great so you never get bored.

I had never done any weightlifting before so it was all new to me. Eamann (Coach) is very encouraging and supportive. I feel stronger, fitter and more confident since i started. Would recommend this gym to anyone.


Anon member.

“If it wasn’t hard it wouldn’t be worth doing.”


“Why I workout at the box….because it’s unlike any other gym I’ve been too. I’m not bored doing the same repetitive movements over and over again, no need to spend long periods of time on a treadmill. The workouts are intense, fun and best of you see great the results. A workout at the box sets me up for the day. It has a great community feel, everyone works out together and encourages one another.”

Niall Caldwell

“A refreshing challenge for those to whom machines don’t compute. It’s a place that you can sweat, grow and laugh in medley. I have never experienced such a rapid expansion in my physical prowess than when I started Functfitting, and I tried a lot of gyms. Truly, I recommend it.”


“The workouts at ‘The Box’ are varied, challenging, intense, fun but above all they produce results. I feel stronger and healthier since joining 6 months ago.”

‘shy but happy’

“All my life I’ve dipped in and out of ‘exercise’, I’ve been a member of various gyms and tried all manners of different classes – spinning, bodypump, zumba.  The Box isn’t just another thing to try, it’s a way of life and once you’ve scheduled it into your life, almost immediately you start to feel better in yourself – stronger, more energy and dare I say it…leaner.  I’ve got a long way to go but I’m not in a rush anymore as I know what I’m doing works.”


workoutprogess3“Thanks so much for coaching me these last 3 months.  I wasn’t sure if the Functfit Box was the place for me at first sight but after meeting you and the great community…..

I was hooked (if you couldn’t tell).

You really changed my life, not smoking, and getting this beer belly off me.  I’m heading  back to America, a changed fella.

Anyone not taking advantage of what you are doing here in Ballycastle .. is a space cadet.”

Blathnait ( Bee)

Blathnait Ni Artghaile
Ok, so although I am still very sore and tired, today has been a great day! For the past month or so, thanks to my coach, I have been working hard and changing my diet, not just to loose weight but also to feel good. There is nothing nicer than finishing a meal you really enjoyed and not saying “uhh I wish I didn’t eat that”. A pair of jeans I havnt been able to fit into since probably around September finally fit, and to honest it feels amazing. I never expected to improve so much on such a short period of time. I could not have done it without my amazing coach, who just happens to be my dad, and the patience of my sick kick Eden, pointing me in the right direction and keeping me focused. I’m not saying I’m a size zero with a six pack, but I’m healthy and feeling amazing! For all you still pondering on whether you will join the gym for your “summer body” stop thinking and get stuck in! Once your in the routine you will be addicted